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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Posted on May 22,2014

Emerald cut engagement rings are a popular option for people who are looking for a unique alternative to the more popular round brilliant engagement rings and princess cut engagement rings. While emerald cut diamonds don’t have as much fire and sparkle as round brilliant diamonds, the long lines that appear on its surface as a result of its step cut lends to its sophisticated appeal. While the emerald cut was originally intended for emeralds, diamond cutters found that the same cut can be applied to diamonds and produce an equally elegant effect.

Emerald cut diamonds are also generally cheaper compared to round brilliant diamonds of the same caliber. An emerald cut diamond is typically rectangular in shape but there are some emerald cuts that are squarer than most and are almost indistinguishable from the assher cut.

Selling Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

If you have an emerald cut engagement ring that you would like to sell, you might want to consider selling to a reputable online diamond buyer especially if you’re looking to get a decent price for your ring. Since round brilliant diamonds account for about 75% of all diamond sales, if you sell to a pawnshop or jeweler, you might not get as much for your ring because they pay higher for diamond cuts that have a higher demand. Online diamond buyers are able to offer better prices because they have access to a larger market compared to local jewelers and pawnshops. Inclusions and color are also much more visible on an emerald cut diamond compared to a round brilliant diamond so it might be more difficult to sell at a fair price especially for stones that are of a lower-grade.

Buying Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The pricing for emerald cut engagement rings might put a seller at a disadvantage but if you’re buying an emerald cut engagement ring, it’s easier to get a better stone for a much lower price than if you buy a round brilliant diamond. This also means that you can get a bigger stone for the same price of a smaller round brilliant diamond.

Emerald cut diamonds can be elegant in any setting. Due to its rectangular shape, the diamond can stand out on its own or even with accent diamonds as it usually appears larger than round brilliant cuts in the same setting.

If you’re in the market for an emerald cut engagement ring, we suggest that you set some specifications beforehand so that you know exactly what you want and what you’re willing to settle for in terms of pricing. Aside from carat and color, you should pay extra attention to clarity and cut because inclusions and flaws are more visible to the naked eye with emerald cut diamonds.


When considering the cut quality of your emerald cut diamond, it’s safe to set a minimum standard of “Good”, although an “Excellent” cut is ideal, these diamonds can be very expensive.

Take a look at the table percentage, depth percentage, girdle, and culet. We recommend that you set the following values as your minimum standards if you want a diamond that has a good cut:

Table Percentage: 58%

Depth Percentage: 57%

Girdle Thickness: Very thin to thick (0.4% to 5.5%)

Culet: Small

Length-to-width Ratio

The ideal LW ratio for rectangular cuts is 1.20 to 1.50 but this will depend on your personal preference. A perfect LW ratio for rectangular cuts is 1.50. If you prefer a squarer cut, you should look for a LW ratio of 1.00 to 1.05.


As previously mentioned flaws are more obvious in emerald cut diamonds than round brilliant diamonds so it’s best if you set a minimum standard of VS2 (very slightly included) for your diamond.


Color is subjective so this will depend entirely on your preference. However, if you’re looking for a colorless emerald cut diamond, the minimum color you should go for is a G-color emerald cut diamond unless you don’t mind a bit of yellow on your diamond (which others actually prefer).

Where to Buy

If you’re not sure what to look for, you may want to consider the following emerald cut diamond engagement rings from Blue Nile. They have wide selection of emerald cut diamonds and settings suitable for a variety of preferences and a range of budgets. You can choose your own setting for a more personalized engagement ring.

Blue Nile: Build Your Own Diamond

Amazon also offers a modest variety of emerald cut engagement rings, ranging from higher-end engagement rings to budget-friendly ones. You may check out the following pieces to get an idea of their available selection:

1.07 Carat Petite Curving Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.92 Carat Emerald Cut J Color VS2 Clarity Center Stone

1.52 Carat Emerald Cut / Shape GIA Certified 14K White Gold Twisting Split Shank Pave Set Diamonds Engagement Ring ( F Color , VS1 Clarity )

Where to Sell

Do you have an emerald cut diamond ring you’re looking to sell? You can read our article on where to sell a diamond ring or see our Diamond Buyer Reviews to find a reputable online diamond buyer.

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