Best Way to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on Apr 28,2014

Many people are selling their diamond engagement rings these days, and not just the recently divorced; others sell because they are strapped for cash or because they are due for an upgrade. Whatever the reason, many people see the value in selling old engagement rings because there are more venues for it now than there were in the past. Buying old jewelry used to be the domain of pawnshops but with the rising demand for diamonds especially in the middle class sector, even jewelers buy diamonds from individual sellers these days rather than solely from diamond wholesalers.

This is a good thing for individual sellers because the more buyers there are, the better one’s chances of getting a fair price- something that isn’t always possible when you sell to a pawnshop. So what is the best way to sell a diamond engagement ring these days?

The answer might just be in front of you, or rather your computer screen. The advent of online diamond buying companies has made it possible for individual sellers, regardless of where they are, to sell their diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewelry conveniently through the buyer’s website.

Selling to Online Diamond Buyers

The process of selling your diamond engagement ring online is quick and easy and does not require you to make a personal appearance during the actual sale.

Most online diamond buyers offer free shipping service, some also offer an additional free shipping guarantee should you decide that you don’t want to sell your diamond engagement ring to them. Shipping terms and return guarantees vary from buyer to buyer, however, so it’s best to check the fine print before you send in your diamond. You should also check whether they cover insurance for your items, just in case something happens to it while in transit. While most reputable buyers always offer insurance, it’s best to check beforehand just to be safe.

Some reputable buyers offer quick valuations or instant quote services if you can provide the details of your diamond engagement ring but since it can be difficult to value a diamond without seeing it, sellers are advised to send their diamond rings to receive a proper valuation and an accurate price offer. You can utilize the quick quote service if you’ve had your diamond recently appraised or if you already hold a certificate indicating its value just so you have an idea of how much you can earn if you sell to a particular online diamond buyer.

Once you send in your diamond engagement ring and it undergoes the final valuation, you will be sent the purchase offer either through your online account on the diamond buying website or via email. You can accept the offer if you are satisfied or reject it if you change your mind or if you are not satisfied with the purchase offer.

Since online diamond buyers have access to larger diamond markets and don’t maintain many physical locations, other than their main office, they are able to offer better prices to individual sellers compared to pawnshops and jewelers. In terms of convenience and profit, selling your diamond engagement ring to an online diamond buyer is the best method available today.

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