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BEWARE! We’ve seen reports of serious problems with receiving payments from Diamond Valet. We do NOT RECOMMEND this company until we learn more. View our other company reviews for companies we can recommend.

Overview: Key Company Information

view_websiteOutlined below is a summary of the key services of The Diamond Valet. While they haven’t been in business for very long, their level of quality and competitive pricing has earned them a good reputation online.

BBB Accreditation Rating: The Diamond Valet is a BBB Accredited business with a rating of A-. There are no complaints about the business listed on the BBB website and the only reason that they didn’t get a higher rating is because they haven’t been in business for very long.

GuaranteeYear In
Instant QuoteShipping Method
TheDiamondValet.comExact AmountA10 DaysNewNoFedEx, USPS

How to Request a Pack

The Diamond Valet offers a slightly different method of requesting a pack compared to other diamond buyers. They require you to fill up their free diamond evaluation form first where you’ll have to provide a few details about your diamond. They will then contact you to confirm your address. After the process is complete, you will receive an insured shipment package so you can send them your diamond.

They have two shipping methods: FedEx and USPS Priority Shipping. Both shipping methods are insured so you don’t have to worry about having to get separate insurance for your diamonds.

The process of sending your package is fairly easy. Just use their insured shipment package to send your goods and make sure to add any certificates like GIA or EGL if available.

Once they receive the package, their valuation experts will value your diamond and you will receive a purchase offer based on the quality of your diamond and current diamond market prices.

Instant Quote

The Diamond Valet gives instant quotes based on the details that you provide on the evaluation form. The seller is required to provide information about their goods before they can request a free pack and The Diamond Valet offers purchase price estimates based on that information. Of course, it’s only an estimate and they won’t be able to determine the actual value of your diamond until it undergoes expert valuation.


The Diamond Valet only offers one payment option. They pay with checks sent via Federal Express Expedited Delivery or USPS First Class Mail. Unfortunately, they don’t offer instant electronic payments.


The Diamond Valet has a 10-day guarantee. If you are not willing to accept their purchase offer, they will send your diamond back to you with no questions asked. Their offer is guaranteed to be valid for 10 days from the day your goods are returned back to you so should you decide you want to sell it to them after all, you can do so with the same purchase price.

They have the same guarantee for payment returns. If you accept the purchase offer and receive the check payment but change your mind about selling your items afterwards, you have to return the check to them within 10-days after receipt of the payment to get your items back.


We really like The Diamond Valet website; it has a clean and professional design and is very user-friendly. It’s easy to find the information you need and their request form is available on every page of the site for easy access.

Our Recommendation

BEWARE! We’ve seen reports of serious problems with receiving payments from Diamond Valet. We do NOT RECOMMEND this company until we learn more. View our other company reviews for companies we can recommend.

With its high BBB rating despite being a relatively new company, clean and user friendly website design, and professional evaluation services, we recommend The Diamond Valet for those looking for several online diamond buyers to consider. While there are other buyers that offer longer guarantees and more payment options, The Diamond Valet is still worth considering as they carry a good reputation with no existing complaints with the BBB.

Diamond Review: 1/5


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