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More Than Just Rings – Our Other Favorite Diamond Jewelry Pieces

Posted on Dec 22,2014

When people think of diamonds, one of the first jewelry pieces that come to mind are engagement rings. The tradition of using a diamond ring in marriage proposals dates back to as early as the late 1400s when the archduke of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring.

Diamond jewelry, however, isn’t limited to engagement rings. Diamonds are arguably one of the most coveted jewels today. They represent a classic symbol of elegance, beauty, and grace. As such, you can find diamonds in just about any piece of jewelry.

In this article, we feature some of our favorite diamond jewelry pieces other than diamond rings.

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are perhaps the second most popular jewelry piece next to diamond engagement rings. While diamond earrings come in many different styles, diamond stud earrings are the most popular and often considered a wardrobe staple by many people.

Diamond stud earrings are simple, classic, and elegant and can be used both in formal and casual wear. Just like in engagement rings, the most popular shapes for diamond solitaire stud earrings are round brilliant and princess cut diamonds set in a four-prong or six-prong stone setting.

Cluster diamond stud earrings are also quite popular because of their versatility. Smaller diamonds are clustered together to form different shapes. Since smaller diamonds are used, cluster diamond earrings are generally cheaper than solitaires.

Aside from diamond stud earrings, some of our favorite diamond earring styles also include diamond hoop earrings and drop earrings.

Diamond Necklaces

Whether in the form of a solitaire diamond pendant on a simple white or yellow gold chain or elaborate pendants consisting of smaller diamonds in different settings, diamond necklaces are a favorite among many women. From the simplest of necklaces with a diamond pendant centerpiece to extravagant diamond eternity necklaces, diamond necklaces can add elegance and flair to any outfit.

The classic round brilliant solitaire pendant on a chain of white gold or platinum is perhaps the most popular style. Other favorites include fancy color diamond necklaces like pink or blue diamonds set on a halo setting. Cross and heart diamond pendants consisting of small colorless diamonds are also popular options, as well as diamond drop necklaces that feature intricate metal work with diamonds of varying sizes.

Diamond Bracelets

When it comes to diamond bracelets, classic favorites include diamond tennis bracelets and diamond pave bangles. These bracelets look elegant whether worn as a solitary piece or stacked on top of each other. You can also easily mix and match different pieces together to create a unique look.

Diamond cuff bracelets are also a modern favorite. These pieces combine the classic elegance of diamonds with intricate metalwork.

Diamond Brooches and Pins

While not considered a staple like diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, we love diamond brooches and pin jewelry because of their versatility. You can wear them with anything and easily transform a simple outfit into an elegant ensemble. An elegant diamond brooch can also add a classic touch to any modern outfit combination.

Classic diamond jewelry pieces are a good investment for anyone. A pair of diamond stud earrings or a simple diamond pendant necklace can be your go-to pieces whenever you need to accessorize for a dinner date, a business meeting, or even a casual night-out with friends. The key is to invest in classic pieces first before you venture into modern, trendier pieces. These classic diamond jewelry pieces are not only something you can wear even years into the future but they also have excellent resale value should you decide to sell them later on.

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Diamond Heart Necklaces – Jewelry for Women

Posted on Jul 03,2014

Diamond heart necklaces are a popular jewelry choice among women. As one of the most popular symbols of love, heart shaped jewelry like diamond heart necklaces are also a popular go-to gift for women during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day.

Buying Diamond Heart Necklaces

If you are in the market for a diamond heart necklace, there are many options that you can consider. Whereas large diamonds are traditionally used for engagement rings, diamond necklaces are more versatile when it comes to the size and number of diamonds used on the pendant.

Most diamond heart necklaces available in the market do not showcase actual heart shaped diamonds, instead you might find a round brilliant diamond or several diamonds set on a heart shaped silver or gold pendant or a cluster of diamonds set in a pave heart shaped setting. However, the option to purchase an actual heart shaped diamond pendant is always available, although a lot more expensive and not as common as round diamonds set on a heart shaped setting.

Choosing Heart-Shaped Diamonds

The heart shaped diamond is a modified brilliant cut. Heart-shaped diamonds are popularly used in solitaire pendants but they are also used in engagement rings. If you want a solitaire diamond pendant for your diamond heart necklace, you might find the following tips useful when choosing the ideal stone:

Symmetry and Cut

Symmetry is one of the most important characteristics of a heart shaped diamond.

A well-cut heart shaped diamond should have a sharp bottom and rounded edges where the two halves meet. If you prefer a classic heart shape, look for a length to width ratio of  .95 to 1.02 but if you prefer a more elongated, narrow cut, look for a LW ratio of 1.05 to 1.15. Slightly elongated and narrow cuts are preferable when used for solitaire pendants.

Carat Size

Heart shaped diamonds that are smaller than .50 carats are not recommended especially when used for solitaire pendants or rings because the heart shape is not very distinguishable for small stones. However, if you are buying a small heart-shaped diamond, it is recommended that you set it in a bezel setting instead of a prong setting to emphasize its heart shape. You can also choose a three-prong setting for smaller diamonds.

Color and Clarity

Since heart shaped diamonds are a modified brilliant cut, they are more forgiving of inclusions and flaws. It is also not as easy to spot color in such cuts compared to step cuts. If you want a colorless heart shaped diamond for your necklace, set a minimum color of G. It is also recommended that you set a minimum clarity of SI2 for stones less than .50 carats and VS2 for stones that are larger than 1.0 carat.


Heart shaped solitaire pendants will look good in either a bezel setting or a three-prong setting depending on your preference. However, for larger stones, a four-prong setting is recommended for extra protection.

Other Options

Pave heart diamonds pendants are also a very popular option among consumers. They are easier to find and are generally cheaper since the pendant is made up of several small round diamonds instead of one large heart-shaped diamond. You can also consider a heart-shaped gold or silver pendant embedded with one or several round diamonds.

Where to Buy

Whether you want a solitaire heart shaped diamond necklace, a pave diamond heart necklace, or a heart shaped pendant with diamond accents, there are many options available in the market.


Amazon also carries several diamond heart necklaces ranging from heart shaped lockets embedded with diamonds to pave diamond heart pendants. Below are some notable pieces from their available selection:

Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers a wide selection of heart shaped loose diamonds as well as several pendant settings so you can create the perfect heart shaped diamond necklace. We’ve preselected a few options below for your consideration:

Build a Diamond Pendant

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Blue Diamond Necklaces – Jewelry for Women

Posted on Jun 23,2014

Blue diamonds are fancy colored diamonds that are prized especially for the presence of color in the stone. While majority of diamonds sold in the market are in the D to Z color range, there are a few rare exceptions that show color including blue, pink, yellow, green, and even brown. While there are other stones that exhibit a natural blue color like a blue topaz or a blue emerald, blue diamonds are highly prized because of their rarity and beauty. Unlike colorless diamonds, blue diamonds and other fancy colored diamonds are much more expensive the more intense the color they show. Whereas people are willing to pay a premium to get a flawless colorless diamond in the D to F range, people are willing to pay more for diamonds the deeper the color they show when it comes to blue diamonds and other fancy color diamonds.

Unlike colorless diamonds, fancy color diamonds like blue diamonds are graded not for their fire and brilliance but for their color. Since inclusions are easily masked by the intensity of color in a blue diamond, clarity is not as important in blue diamonds as they are in colorless diamonds.

Of all the other gems used for women’s jewelry, diamonds are perhaps the most popular and most treasured. Blue diamond necklaces are especially prized for the rarity of the stone on the necklace. While not as easy to find as colorless or near colorless diamond necklaces, a blue diamond necklace will, no doubt, stand out in any occasion.

Selling Blue Diamond Necklaces

Due to their rarity, buyers are always willing to pay a premium for an authentic blue diamond. As such, selling a blue diamond necklace will yield better price offers than selling a diamond in the D to Z range.

If you have a blue diamond necklace that you want to sell (whether natural or color treated), it’s important to look for the best possible venue where you can get the best price for your necklace. After all, blue diamonds are a rare commodity and should be valued. If you want to get the best price, you can either sell directly to an individual who is willing to pay your ideal price or to an online diamond buyer. It’s best to look for an online diamond buyer who has expertise in valuing fancy color diamonds so you can get a fair price for your jewelry. Online diamond buyers will always be able to offer more for your diamond jewelry than pawnshops or jewelers because they have lower overhead costs so you can get more for your item.

Buying Blue Diamond Necklaces

You should exhibit more caution when buying a fancy color diamond like a blue diamond to ensure that what you are buying is authentic especially since some sellers might attempt to sell you other blue gemstones and label them as a blue diamond. Knowing what to look for will help you make an informed decision and will help you get the most for your money. Below are some helpful tips when buying blue diamond necklaces and other blue diamond jewelry:


As the most important attribute in fancy color diamonds, you should pay close attention to the presence of color in the stone. The GIA uses these descriptions to grade fancy color diamonds like blue diamonds: fancy light, fancy intense, and fancy vivid. Fancy light is at the lower end of the scale and fancy vivid is considered the highest.

The GIA uses hue, tone, and saturation to grade the color quality of the stone. For blue diamonds, highly saturated ones are considered more rare and more valuable. The deeper the blue color is on the stone, the more expensive. It is worth noting, however, that blue diamonds don’t come in as many saturations compared to other fancy color diamonds. Blue diamonds also show a bit of gray color and are not as saturated as sapphires. Blue diamonds owe their color to the presence of boron impurities in the stone.


While clarity is still important in a blue diamond, as long as it does not affect the stone’s face-up value, it is still highly prized. Highly included diamonds that show a lot of color can still be very expensive as the presence of color is the factor that matters the most. Unless the inclusions affect the durability of the diamond, they don’t typically affect the price.

Carat Weight

Carat weight is also an important factor in fancy color diamonds. Aside from larger diamonds being more valuable for their size, blue diamonds generally show more color the larger they are. Large blue diamonds are also very rare which is why they are highly prized.


Fancy color diamonds are typically cut into fancy shapes like radiant, pear, and oval because they show more color than round brilliant fancy color diamonds. The deeper the pavilion, the more intense the color in blue diamonds and other fancy color diamonds so this is also an important factor to consider.

Since blue diamond necklaces don’t have to be as perfect as blue diamonds used for engagement rings, you can compromise certain parameters to suit your budget especially when it comes to carat weight, color, and cut. However, if you want a truly rare blue diamond for your necklace, then be ready to pay a premium for your stone.

Grading Report

When buying a blue diamond, make sure it comes with a GIA Colored Diamond Grading Report and GIA Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report to ensure its authenticity. The report will state the stone’s color origin (whether it is natural or treated).

Where to Buy

As previously mentioned, blue diamonds are extremely rare and as such few jewelers stock authentic blue diamonds that were not subjected to artificial coloring techniques. Authentic blue diamonds are also very expensive so others may prefer artificially colored colorless diamonds to authentic blue diamonds. Most blue diamonds available in the market are heat treated in gem labs to enhance the presence of color.


Amazon offers a few blue diamond necklaces but most of them are color treated so if you’re truly intent on buying an authentic blue diamond, you might have trouble finding one on the site. If, however, a color treated diamond is a suitable option for you, then you might want to consider the following options:

PARIKHS Round Cut Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendant AAA Quality in White Gold (0.04 ctw)

Blue Diamond Necklace and Earring Set 1/2 Carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold

14K White Gold Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendant (1.50 CT) With 18″ Chain

Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendant 14K White Gold – 1.50 CT Diamond

1.53ct Fancy Blue Round Diamond Pendant Necklace 18k White Gold

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