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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Posted on Jun 05,2014

The asscher cut diamond has regained its popularity over the last decade due to improvements made to its cut. The modern day asscher cut has more fire and brilliance than the classic asscher cut. Its square shape, large facets, and its elegant and regal appeal have made it a popular choice especially for engagement rings.

Asscher cut diamonds are stepped-cut, undergoing a similar process of cutting to emerald cuts. As a result, asscher cut diamonds are very similar to square emerald cuts; both have 58 facets and have cropped corners.

Selling Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

The rising popularity of asscher cut engagement rings is good news for sellers as it means that prices have also increased. However, since step cuts like the asscher cut and emerald cut emphasize a stone’s clarity, inclusions are more visible compared to round brilliant cut diamonds so it might be harder to get a good price especially for lower grade stones if you sell to a pawnshop.

If you have an Asscher cut engagement ring that you want to sell, it’s best to consider several options so that you can get a fair deal for your diamond. As with selling any diamond, knowing the exact specifications of your stone will make it easier for you to find a fair deal. You can have your stone appraised at a local pawnshop and jeweler to get an idea of its value and what you can get for it. However, if you want to get the best deal out of the transaction, one of your best options would be to sell to an online diamond buyer. Online diamond buyers offer better prices for diamonds because they have lower overhead costs and all reputable ones have expertise in diamond valuations. Transactions are also a lot more convenient since everything is done over the Internet.

Buying Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring and you have your heart set on an Asscher cut diamond, knowing the ideal specifications will help you out a great deal when choosing the ideal ring suited for your taste and your budget.


The original asscher cut diamond did not have much fire and brilliance, which is why modern ones have undergone many improvements to add more fire and brilliance to the stone. Modern asscher cut diamonds are very similar to square emerald cut diamonds except that an asscher cut diamond, cut to modern standards, typically have larger facets, a smaller table, and a taller crown height. Many people prefer a well-cut asscher cut diamond over an emerald cut because the former, when cut to exacting standards are capable of more brilliance than emerald cuts.

The length to width ratio of an asscher cut diamond is 1.00 but the GIA’s range for a square diamond is 1.00 to 1.05.

If you’re buying an asscher cut diamond engagement ring, you should also take note of the following parameters when it comes to cut to get the most ideal stone for your budget:

Depth Percentage

When shopping for Asscher cut diamonds, look for a depth percentage within the 60% to 68% range.

Table Percentage

Asscher cuts that have a table percentage within the 60% to 68% range are considered very good to excellent. While the ideal range would be around 65% to 67%, these can be difficult to find.


Step cuts like the asscher cut show more color than round brilliants and princess cuts so if you’re looking for a diamond that is colorless or as near colorless as possible, we recommend you set a minimum standard of H. While any color above H is better, price can significantly go up the more colorless the stone especially for asscher cuts. While color is subjective, most people prefer colorless diamonds to those that retain color.


Since the classic asscher cut does not have as much fire and brilliance than round brilliant or princess cut diamonds, flaws and inclusions are much more visible on the surface. This is why clarity is of utmost importance when choosing an Asscher cut diamond. Setting a minimum standard of VS2 is recommended if you want the stone to appear as flawless as possible to the naked eye.

Where to Buy

Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers a wide selection of asscher cut diamonds. Those who want a truly excellent asscher cut would find the Blue Nile signature asscher cut to be a worthy option.  Their signature cuts have smaller tables, taller crown heights, and wider corners, which allow the diamond to capture more light and produce more brilliance. Below are some suitable options from Blue Nile:



Choices from Amazon:

Amazon features several asscher cut diamond engagement rings that suit different budgets. We have preselected a few options below:

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Who Buys Diamonds? Finding the Best Diamond Buyer

Posted on May 27,2014

If you have some diamond jewelry that you don’t use anymore and that you would like to get rid of, selling them can be very profitable if you find the right buyer. However, despite the abundance of pawnshops and jewelers that buy diamonds, getting the best price for your diamond isn’t always easy especially for smaller and lower grade stones. If you have a good stone, then you’ll have more reason to want to get the most money for it when you sell.

For first time sellers of diamonds, finding the best diamond buyer can be a daunting task especially if you don’t know where to look.

cushion cut solitaireSo who buys diamonds?

Before the Internet, when people want to sell old jewelry, the choices were limited to individual buyers, local pawnshops, and jewelers. While these used to be good options, they do present several challenges that limit your chances of getting a fair price for your diamonds. Finding individual buyers can be difficult and unless you knew someone in particular who is interested in the diamond that you are selling, you’ll likely have to deal with manually advertising your diamond. Pawnshops, while readily available, don’t always offer fair prices for diamond jewelry.

The advent of the Internet has given individual sellers access to a bigger market; the market includes online diamond buyers who are primarily involved in the business of buying and selling diamonds.

Online diamond buyers usually have access to diamond capitals and since they operate primarily online (except for their main headquarters), not only can they offer more expertise in the area of diamond valuations but they are also able to offer better prices because they don’t have to maintain many small physical locations in several areas unlike pawnshops and jewelers.

Finding the Best Diamond Buyer

Finding the best online diamond buyer is just a matter of doing your research properly. Most reputable online diamond buyers offer fair prices for diamonds (large and small alike) but if you really want to get the best price for your diamonds, you can look at several online diamond buyers and have them appraise your diamond so you can get an idea of how much each one is willing to offer for your piece.

If you’re in a bit of a rush, you can use their instant valuation or appraisal service and then send in your diamond if you think you like their price offer. However, the accuracy of their price quote is highly dependent on how accurate you describe your diamond to them, which is why it is better to do this if you have a good idea of your diamond’s value.

A good method in finding the best diamond buyer if you’re in a rush is to get an appraisal from a pawnshop beforehand just to get an idea of your diamond’s value and then get an instant appraisal from several online diamond buyers so you know if the price offer is fair or not. It is worth noting, however, that not all online diamond buyers have an instant appraisal or instant quote service as some would prefer to see the diamond first before offering a price for it.

Most diamond buyers will offer to return your diamond to you free of charge if you’re not satisfied with their price offer so you won’t have to worry about getting your item back.

If you’re in no particular rush to sell, it is recommended that you send in your diamond to the online diamond buyer or several buyers so that you can get an accurate, final price offer for your diamond and so that you can narrow down your options and choose the best one with the highest price offer.

For more information on online diamond buyers, you can view our online reviews here. If you end up selling online, make sure you come back and leave a review!

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Best Way to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on Apr 28,2014

Many people are selling their diamond engagement rings these days, and not just the recently divorced; others sell because they are strapped for cash or because they are due for an upgrade. Whatever the reason, many people see the value in selling old engagement rings because there are more venues for it now than there were in the past. Buying old jewelry used to be the domain of pawnshops but with the rising demand for diamonds especially in the middle class sector, even jewelers buy diamonds from individual sellers these days rather than solely from diamond wholesalers.

This is a good thing for individual sellers because the more buyers there are, the better one’s chances of getting a fair price- something that isn’t always possible when you sell to a pawnshop. So what is the best way to sell a diamond engagement ring these days?

The answer might just be in front of you, or rather your computer screen. The advent of online diamond buying companies has made it possible for individual sellers, regardless of where they are, to sell their diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewelry conveniently through the buyer’s website.

Selling to Online Diamond Buyers

The process of selling your diamond engagement ring online is quick and easy and does not require you to make a personal appearance during the actual sale.

Most online diamond buyers offer free shipping service, some also offer an additional free shipping guarantee should you decide that you don’t want to sell your diamond engagement ring to them. Shipping terms and return guarantees vary from buyer to buyer, however, so it’s best to check the fine print before you send in your diamond. You should also check whether they cover insurance for your items, just in case something happens to it while in transit. While most reputable buyers always offer insurance, it’s best to check beforehand just to be safe.

Some reputable buyers offer quick valuations or instant quote services if you can provide the details of your diamond engagement ring but since it can be difficult to value a diamond without seeing it, sellers are advised to send their diamond rings to receive a proper valuation and an accurate price offer. You can utilize the quick quote service if you’ve had your diamond recently appraised or if you already hold a certificate indicating its value just so you have an idea of how much you can earn if you sell to a particular online diamond buyer.

Once you send in your diamond engagement ring and it undergoes the final valuation, you will be sent the purchase offer either through your online account on the diamond buying website or via email. You can accept the offer if you are satisfied or reject it if you change your mind or if you are not satisfied with the purchase offer.

Since online diamond buyers have access to larger diamond markets and don’t maintain many physical locations, other than their main office, they are able to offer better prices to individual sellers compared to pawnshops and jewelers. In terms of convenience and profit, selling your diamond engagement ring to an online diamond buyer is the best method available today.

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Selling Engagement Rings at a Pawnshop

Posted on Apr 22,2014

Selling Engagement Ring at Pawnshop

Pawnshops are one of the most accessible venues for selling jewelry, which is why when most people need to sell their old jewelry one of the first places they go to is their local pawnshop. However, if you’re selling something very valuable like an engagement ring, you might want to consider other options besides your local pawnshop. Below are a few factors to consider before selling your engagement ring to a pawnshop:

Your Engagement Ring’s Value

While it’s difficult to establish exactly how much you can resell an engagement ring, knowing your ring’s value (4cs) can help you get a general idea of its worth. If you have an appraisal certificate, jeweler’s certificate, or even better, a GIA certificate, you can easily determine your diamond’s monetary value by checking out the latest Diamond Rapaport report. Knowing your ring’s value will help determine whether a buyer’s price offer is too high or too low. It will also help you set reasonable expectations about the price of your engagement ring.

Valuation Expertise

Most pawnshops specialize in the business of buying and selling precious gems and metals so they usually have someone who is capable of valuing items like silver, gold, and other precious metals. However, since they are in the business of buying different kinds of stones and metals, they might not have the specialized expertise to value your diamond properly. Most pawnshops only check if your diamond is real, its carat size, and give the surface a quick look for any inclusions or scratches. As a result, they might give you a lower valuation for your diamond compared to its actual value.

Pawnshop Pricing

While price offer often vary from pawnshop to pawnshop, most of them have the same standards for pricing. Most pawnshops, for example, pay much lower for stones that are less then 0.5 carats in weight. So if you have a small diamond on your engagement ring, you might not be able to get your diamond’s worth if you sell to a pawnshop. For bigger stones, pawnshops usually take into account the rapaport value of a diamond. Most of them offer to pay the rapaport value minus 40% for stones that are bigger than 0.5 carats so if you’re looking to maximize your profits, pawnshops probably aren’t the best option for you.

While pawnshops pay more for items that are actually being sold compared to items that are used as collateral for a loan, you can still get better prices from other buyers. If your main goal is to just take out a quick loan and use your engagement ring as collateral, then your local pawnshop will definitely be able to help you out but if you’re looking to sell for the most money, it’s better to consider other options like online diamond buyers before you sell your engagement ring to a pawnshop.

Alternatives to Pawn Shops

Online diamond buyers won’t let you pawn your rings, but you can sell them if you’re looking to get cash.  Typically, they offer higher prices due to lower overhead fees and offer fast, insured shipping.  For more information on a number of companies offering online diamond buying services, take a look at our online diamond buyer ratings and reviews.

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Best Place to Sell an Engagement Ring

Posted on Apr 16,2014

Whether you are in the middle of a divorce or a broken engagement, letting go of your engagement ring can be the first step towards moving forward. Selling old and unwanted jewelry can also be very lucrative if you find the right buyer. There are many venues where you can sell your old engagement ring but the following venues are the most popular and most convenient options:


When it comes to accessibility and instant payments, pawnshops can be a good option. However, you might have to sacrifice profit for convenience if you sell your engagement ring in a pawnshop, as they don’t usually offer very high prices for diamond jewelry. Since they buy different kinds of jewelry with varying precious stones and metals, they might not have the specialization to value your diamond engagement ring properly. They usually only offer less than half of a diamond’s rappaport value so if you want to make the most money out of the sale, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Online Diamond Buyers

The advent of online diamond buyers and other online platforms has made the process of selling an engagement ring and other diamond jewelry a whole lot easier for many people. One obvious advantage to selling online is that you won’t have to be physically present for the transaction to take place, you just have to send your engagement ring via a prepaid package or look for another shipping method, depending on the arrangement you have with your chosen buyer.

It can be difficult for many people to let go of an engagement ring, especially since there is some level of emotional attachment to it. Selling online will not only allow you to do it from the comfort of your own home so you won’t have to face the buyer if you’re not ready for it but they also make it a lot easier by offering prepaid shipping packages, professional valuations, and of course, quick payment processing.

So if you’re looking for the best place to sell your engagement ring in terms of convenience and pricing, selling online is one of the best available options. It will not only save you time and effort but you can also potentially earn a lot more than if you sell to a pawnshop.

If you want to consider several buyers at once, it’s easier to go about the process if you sell to online diamond buyers as most of them offer instant quotes if you know the specifications of your diamond and most of them also offer free shipping if you want to send in your diamond to get an accurate price offer.

Of course, for you to be able to get the best price for your engagement ring, it’s still better if you have a GIA report or any appraisal report so that you know if you are getting a fair deal or not.

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How to Sell Engagement Rings for the Most Money

Posted on Apr 01,2014

Diamond Engagement RingWhether you’re selling your engagement ring because your divorce has just been finalized or you’re selling out of necessity, you’ll naturally want to get the most money out of it. If you’re not sure how to go about the process of selling your engagement ring, the following tips might help you:

Know Where to Sell

While there are certainly many venues where you can sell your ring, not all of them offer the most money.

Pawnshops, for instance, might be the go-to for most people when selling old jewelry but they don’t always offer the best prices especially for high-value jewelry like diamond engagement rings. Unless, your engagement ring is from a famous designer brand like Cartier, you can only expect to get as much as 50% of the retail value of your ring from a pawnshop.

The best option for people who are looking to make the most money out of selling their engagement rings is through online diamond buyers. Online diamond buyers offer the best prices because a lot of them have access to diamond capitals and they have in-house gemologists who have the expertise to value your diamond properly.

Most of these online diamond buyers also don’t have to maintain brick and mortar stores so they are able to lower their overhead costs and offer more for the diamonds that they buy from individual sellers.

To compare different online diamond buyers, read our reviews now.

Provide a Certificate or a Recent Appraisal

Diamonds with GIA reports are generally valued higher because it is the industry standard for diamond grading. If you have a GIA report or a certificate (e.g. AGS, IGI, EGL) that provides the specifications of your diamonds, it’ll be easier for you to get a price closer to the retail value of your diamond. If you’re not sure about your diamond’s value, it’s best to have it appraised.

For high-value diamonds, have it appraised by a professional so you have an idea of what your diamond is worth before approaching different buyers. If you rely on the buyer for appraisal without determining exactly what you own, you won’t be able to guarantee whether the appraisal is fair or accurate. To protect your interests and your property, it’s best to know exactly what your diamond is worth.

Ask for Quotes from Different Buyers

Whether buying or selling something, it’s always a good idea to have several options. Compile a list of reputable online diamond buyers so you can ask for an instant quote or appraisal from those that offer this service. While the accuracy of the quote will depend on the information you provide about your diamond, getting instant quotes is still a good idea especially if you’ve had your diamond recently appraised or if you have a certificate. However, you should be wary of those that offer very high quotes, as there is no guarantee that the purchase offer will be the same since it will all depend on the final valuation based on their own appraisal of the ring.

Send Your Ring for Valuation

Send your ring to the online diamond buyer of your choice so it can undergo professional valuation and they can offer you a more accurate purchase offer. If you find the purchase offer too low, you can always ask for your ring back as most online diamond buyers offer to return the ring to you for free if you deny their purchase offer.

If you are satisfied with the purchase offer, you will get paid as soon as you accept the final price.

Make sure to check if the company covers shipping and insurance before you send in your ring. Most reputable online diamond buyers offer free shipping with insurance coverage so you don’t have to spend on shipping your diamond back and forth.

While selling your engagement ring online is definitely the most promising option when it comes to making the most money, you should still set realistic expectations. The purchase offer will not only depend on the quality of your diamond but also its current condition, as well as market prices so set your expectations accordingly.

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Where to Sell Diamond Engagement Rings Online

Posted on Mar 26,2014

Before the advent of the Internet, the only way to sell old jewelry like diamond engagement rings was through pawnshops, jewelry stores, or through individual buyers. The Internet has provided the most convenient option for jewelry sellers: not only is it fast and efficient but it also allows sellers access to fair prices for precious jewelry like diamond engagement rings—something that is almost impossible when selling to pawnshops.

The advantages of selling diamond engagement rings online are numerous. Aside from having access to reputable buyers that offer higher prices, selling online also allows sellers to uphold a certain level of privacy, as they won’t have to see the buyer face to face in most cases.

There are several venues where you can sell your engagement rings online. Below are some of these venues:

  • Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like eBay give sellers access to different markets from all over the world. If you sell through eBay, you can find a lot of interested buyers for your old diamond engagement ring. However, online marketplaces are only a good option if you have an appraisal or a certificate that states the specifications of your diamond engagement ring. It’s difficult to sell your diamond engagement ring for a decent price without a certificate because majority of interested buyers on sites like eBay are individuals so they likely won’t go through the trouble of getting a professional appraisal unless the diamond engagement ring is of very high value.

  • Advertise on Online Classifieds

Online classifieds sites are a dime a dozen. If you want to expand your options for selling your diamond engagement ring online, it might be a good idea to advertise on online classifieds sites. The difficulty is in getting serious offers and again, getting a decent price for your ring. There’s also the issue of who will pay for insurance and shipping and there’s no payment protection guarantee but posting in online classifieds is a good backup option.

  • Online Diamond Buyers

And then there are online diamond buyers—which is probably your best option if you plan to sell your diamond engagement ring online. The advantage of selling to reputable online diamond buyers is that they offer prices based on professional valuation of the merchandise so you can be assured of getting a fair price for your diamond engagement ring. Most online diamond buyers also cover shipping costs with insurance so you don’t have to worry about having to take the costs of shipping out of your own pocket.

Online diamond buyers also offer to ship the goods back to you free of charge if you don’t approve their final price offer. Plus, you can get instant quotes online and track your packages. Most of them also offer instant and convenient payments.

If you’re looking for the most convenient and most profitable way to sell your diamond engagement ring online, online diamond buyers are definitely your best option.

Our highest rated online diamond buyers are Diamond Buyers International and Sell-Diamonds.com.

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