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Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on Jul 02,2014

Pink Engagement RingsWhile colorless diamonds are still the most popular option for many people, there is an increasing interest in fancy color diamonds like pink diamonds due to their rarity and unique appeal. Most fancy color diamonds obtain their coloring from impurities but unlike colorless diamonds which are prized especially for their flawlessness, fancy color diamonds are highly prized for the presence of color even with the presence of some inclusions.

Pink diamonds come in a range of colors, some appear brownish pink, purplish pink, orange pink, and some fancy deep pinks appear almost red. Most pink diamonds in the market are very pale as they are more common than intense pink diamonds.

Like other fancy color diamonds, the more intense the color in a pink diamond, the more expensive and rare it is.

Selling Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Due to their rarity, pink diamonds are very much prized by jewelers and collectors. If you have a pink diamond engagement ring that you want to sell, you’ll certainly be able to find many interested buyers. However, pricing still depends on a variety of factors including the intensity of color, carat weight, clarity, and cut.

Since fancy color diamonds are graded primarily for their color before other factors are considered, it might be best if you sell your pink diamond engagement ring to a buyer who has a good understanding of fancy color diamond grading. While you can always approach a pawnshop or your local jeweler to get a quote, if you want to get a good price for your engagement ring, it’s better to sell to someone who has a lot of experience in fancy color diamond grading. Not only will they have a better idea of your diamond’s worth but they’ll also be able to offer a better price.

A good choice, especially for fancy color diamonds and other rare stones, is to sell to an online diamond buyer. Most reputable online diamond buyers have diamond valuations experts who will be able to value your fancy color diamond properly and offer you a fair price for it.

Buying Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying a fancy pink diamond for engagement rings is not only a good option for those who are looking to veer away from the more common colorless variety, but it is also a good investment. As fancy color diamonds don’t wear out as easily as colorless diamonds, they increase in value overtime. Pink diamond engagement rings aren’t only valuable for their unique color but as well as for their financial appeal.

If you are in the market for a pink diamond engagement ring, then you might want to consider the following diamond grading factors when choosing the stone:


Like all fancy diamonds, the value of a pink diamond increases the more color it shows. While clarity, carat, and cut are still important factors to consider when choosing a pink diamond, color is the most important consideration.

Pink diamonds are graded according to the intensity of color. The terms used for color grading are: faint pink, very light pink, light pink, fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink, fancy dark pink, fancy deep pink, and fancy vivid pink. Other jewelers use very specific terms when referring to a pink diamond’s color. For example, you might find descriptions like “fancy deep brown pink”, “fancy light brown pink”, and “fancy vivid purplish pink” to refer to pink diamonds.

Since majority of pink diamonds in the market are of the pale pink variety, it is easier to find light pink diamonds especially for engagement rings. They are also more affordable than darker pink diamonds.


When choosing a pink diamond engagement ring, the most important consideration you should keep in mind next to color is the carat weight. Since most recipients of engagement rings have a very specific idea of how big they want the stone to be, it is best if you stay as close to their ideal size (as your budget would allow). Bigger diamonds also show more color than smaller ones especially in the case of light pink diamonds.


The clarity of a pink diamond will depend on the shape you choose. Brilliant cuts are more forgiving of inclusions and step cuts show more inclusions. However, darker pink diamonds conceal inclusions better than lighter pink diamonds so it is often okay to sacrifice a bit of clarity for color when it comes to fancy pink diamonds.

Treated Diamonds

A cheaper option for those who want a pink diamond engagement ring is to buy a lab-treated diamond. There are different treatments used to add color to a regular diamond. However, since most color treated diamonds are of a lower grade, you should be more particular about pricing. Color treated diamonds should be cheaper than colorless diamonds and fancy color diamonds so they should be priced accordingly. Make sure not to overpay for such stones, as they are generally of the poor variety.

Color treated pink diamonds typically go through a process called annealing. Color treated diamonds should also come with a certificate stating their origin and the method of coloring used.

Where to Buy:


Amazon carries several pink diamond engagement ring options, ranging from color treated diamonds to natural pink diamonds. You can find them in a variety of settings and styles. Below are a few notable options from their selection:

Blue Nile

Blue Nile also carries a few fancy pink diamond options, although all of their pink diamonds are of the expensive range. If you’re looking to really splurge on your engagement ring, then these options might appeal to you. You can purchase the diamond as a loose stone or choose your ideal setting on the site.

Marquise Cut

Purple Pink Radiant Cut

Orange Heart Shaped Diamond

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Black Diamond Rings – Value, Grading, and How to Buy

Posted on May 05,2014

While black diamonds used to be comparably cheaper than colorless diamonds, their prices have increased in the past years due to the increasing demand for black diamond jewelry. Black diamond engagement rings are becoming a popular choice for many people as a unique alternative to traditional flawless diamonds found on most rings.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a black diamond ring, one important factor to keep in mind is that most black diamonds used in jewelry are not naturally black. Low-color stones are usually used and are treated to turn the color black, either through irradiation or heat treatment. Since they are not naturally black, you can expect their prices to be lower than a colorless diamond in the same size.

Natural black diamonds usually come in blocks called carbonados. They have a different composition compared to colorless diamonds because they don’t reflect light; they absorb it. They are also porous and are usually very small in size. If you ever see a large black diamond, it is not just made up of one crystal but millions of crystals stuck together. As such, they are difficult to cut for jewelry making.

How to Know If a Black Diamond is Natural or Treated

Most black diamonds sold in the market are treated through irradiation. Natural black diamonds are very expensive because they are only found in two places (Africa and Brazil). Since they are very difficult to cut and polish, you can expect to pay quite a hefty amount of cash for a natural black diamond, especially if cut for jewelry use.

When you buy a treated black diamond ring or any black diamond jewelry, it should come with a lab certificate stating that it was treated. If you want to be able to examine a black diamond to know if it is treated, you can place it under a fiber optic light and observe the diamond. If you see that it is a dark shade of green, then it is most definitely treated through irradiation. Most natural black diamonds appear to have dark brown edges under a fiber optic light.

 Black Diamond Grading

Black diamonds are not graded in the same manner as colorless diamonds. The GIA does not issue a normal certificate for black diamonds; they only issue a Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report (CDIOR). The CDIOR indicates the color grade and color origin (whether it is natural or treated), carat weight, and a diagram of its clarity.   Black diamonds are usually harder and denser than colorless diamonds so you should expect a 1-carat black diamond to be smaller than a 1-carat colorless diamond.

Buying a Natural Black Diamond

Untreated diamonds are called “Fancy Black”. If you’re in the market for a natural black diamond, it’s useful to know the terminology and grading system used. Since most black diamonds in the market are treated, if you’re expecting a natural black diamond it’s best to buy one with a CDIOR from the GIA.

Natural black diamonds are certainly very expensive; a 0.47-carat stone can cost you more than USD2,000 without the setting so expect more for larger diamonds. You can find several suppliers and jewelers that offer natural black diamonds online; some also offer GIA reports so you can be assured of its authenticity.

When buying a black diamond ring or any black diamond jewelry, make sure to do as much research on the stone first. Since most information on diamonds is about colorless diamonds, it’s useful to find out as much as you can about the qualities of a black diamond.

If you can’t find a natural black diamond that fits your price range, you can get a treated stone instead. Since they are easier to cut, you’ll find more options. Treated black diamonds can be just as beautiful in the right cut and setting and there’s an abundance of them too so prices are more reasonable, whether online or in retail jewelry chains.

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