6 Fun Engagement Announcement Ideas

So he finally popped the question and you said yes, now it’s time to make it even more official and announce it to the world (or at least to friends and family). Whether you plan to just post the announcement online or send cards through the mail, adding some fun elements into your announcement will make it extra memorable for everyone.

Make an impact with your engagement announcement with these fun ideas:

  1. Announce it on Video

If you have time and creative editing skills, making a short video or movie to announce your engagement will definitely make yours an announcement to remember. Some couples even hire professional videographers to capture this very special moment but it can be done with just a little bit of creativity and the right editing software.

Whether it’s focused on you and your fiancée or inspired by one of your favorite movies, as long as it reflects your life and journey as a couple, it will definitely be a video worth keeping and re-watching over and over again. Share you love with everyone in motion.

  1. Show Off That Ring

Let’s be honest, when someone gets engaged one of the first things we check out is the engagement ring. Show off that rock by making it the focal point of interest on your engagement announcement. Sometimes, a photo of the ring is all you need to announce your engagement but you can also make it more fun and romantic by adding creative touches to the photo.

Don’t make a sign if you say no
  1. Spell it Out

Schedule a photo shoot with a friend or a professional photographer and get creative with your engagement announcement. Spell out your announcement with different poses of you and your fiancée. You can either spell out the entire phrase or just part of the phrase. You can fill out the rest in the post-processing stage of the image. Choose a great location, preferably with a beautiful landscape view, and get creative with your fiancée.

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes
  1. Magazine or Movie Poster Inspired Announcement

Creating a magazine cover inspired engagement announcement is a fun and novel way to get the word out of your impending union. It’s attention grabbing and definitely memorable! You can also make a movie inspired announcement just for the fun of it.

Gossip Column Announcement
HIMYM? Well, close.
  1. Send a Telegram

Go retro by sending a telegram-inspired note to friends and family to officially announce your engagement. Do this before you post anything online to make the news even more of a surprise.

Marriages last forever, just like telegrams
  1. Host a Party

If you want to announce your engagement personally, you can host a party and invite your closest friends and family. You can either tell them straight or have a guessing game where your guests can each give a guess about what the party is all about; they shouldn’t take long figuring it out.

You can even leave clues or signs all over the party until one of them figures it out or you can announce it through food (like popcorn).

Why not one more party? What a great way to tell everyone at once.

There are so many other fun ways to announce your engagement but these ideas are sure to be a hit among your friends and family. You can even use them in combination if you want the announcement to be extra memorable.

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