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Overview: Key Company Information


Cash for Diamonds USA is one of the subsidiaries of CJ Environmental, a precious metal refinery founded in 1975. They buy all kinds of diamond jewelry from diamond engagement rings to broken diamond jewelry and loose diamonds. Having been in the online diamond buying business for several years and with operations all over the country, they have become one of the better-known diamond buyers online.

BBB Rating: Cash for Diamonds USA is not currently accredited and rated by the BBB. However its parent company, CJ Environmental, currently holds a rating of A+ on the BBB website for having been in business for many years. Despite having a number of complaints listed on the BBB, all have been resolved and closed.

Diamond Selling Process

Selling your diamonds to Cash for Diamonds USA is a fairly easy process. The basic information is outlined below:

How to Request a Pack

Cash for Diamonds USA provides free shipping for your diamonds. Just fill out the free shipping form on their website and they will send a USPS SafePak. They also offer free insurance for your goods based on its value so shipping is pretty safe. You can also track down your shipment online for additional safety measures.
If you want faster shipping, you can request for the FedEx shipping option, which comes with insurance of up to $5000.

Instant Quote

Cash for Diamonds USA does not offer an instant quote or appraisal feature on their website. Before they can determine your diamond’s value and give you a price, you’ll have to send them the goods first. The lack of an instant quotation feature might turn away some sellers but it didn’t really bother us because it’s difficult to send an accurate appraisal without undergoing proper valuation by an expert.


Once they receive the shipment, they will pay you within 24 hours through your payment method of choice.

They offer two payment options: check payments sent via mail or electronic payments via PayPal. We like that they have a “Quick Pay” option which allows the seller to request and receive payment within the same day. This is useful for people who have immediate need for cash.


If you are not satisfied with the settlement price, you can contact them within 10 business days from the date of payment and they will return your jewelry back to you free of charge.

Website is easy to navigate, although a little bit too cluttered with images and information. The free shipping form is on all the web pages of the site so it’s easy to spot and you don’t have to dig deep to find it. It’s also fairly easy to find the information you are looking for, as everything is accessible on the navigation bar. The process of selling a diamond to them is also outlined properly on their site and they have a live chat feature just in case you have any concerns or queries.

Our Recommendation

What we like about Cash for Diamonds USA is their flexible and quick payment options, live chat feature, and decent settlement offers. However, since they are not accredited by the BBB and have a limited window for returns, other sellers might be more comfortable with online buyers that offer better guarantees. But if you’re looking for a quick payout based on professional appraisals of your diamonds, then Cash for Diamonds USA is worth trying out.

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Diamond Review: 3/5


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