What is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

Radiant Cut Diamond

A radiant cut diamond, also known as a cut cornered modified brilliant, is a square or rectangular diamond with cropped corners. Radiant cut diamonds are famous for their fire and brilliance. It is the first square cut diamond that feature brilliant cut facets on the pavilion and crown. As such, it is recommended for those who want the brilliance of the classic round cut and the unique shape of the asscher cut or emerald cut.  Whereas an emerald cut is notable for its long lines, a radiant cut is more faceted to maximize fire and brilliance.

Rectangular radiant cut diamonds sometimes display an effect called the “bow-tie” effect. This is common in elongated diamond shapes like pear, marquise, and oval. While some people prefer a more visible bow tie that runs through the middle of a diamond, the only way to ascertain its visibility is through close inspection of the stone.



Like the emerald cut, radiant cut diamonds can sometimes appear square or rectangular. The ideal length to width ration of a radiant cut depends entirely on personal preference, as some people may prefer a more elongated cut whereas others may prefer a square cut.

A perfect square radiant cut has a length-to-width ratio of 1.00 but anything that is less than 1.05 will still appear square to the naked eye. Those who prefer a more rectangular cut should look for a length-to-width ratio of 1.15 to 1.30. People who are looking for a diamond that has the appeal of both a princess cut and a cushion cut might find a square radiant cut a suitable option whereas those who like the rectangular shape of a classic emerald cut but want the brilliance of a round brilliant cut would find a rectangular cut a more suitable choice.

For a well-cut radiant cut diamond, look for a table percentage of 58% to 69% and a depth percentage of 59% to 67%.


Radiant cut diamonds are known for maximizing color so it may show more color than other diamond types. If you prefer a colorless diamond, look for something within the D to F range but if you prefer a warmer diamond with a tinge of yellow, you can explore diamonds within the G to K range. Radiant cut diamonds within the S to Z range may sometimes be classified as fancy yellow depending on how much color is visible on the diamond. If you prefer a fancy yellow diamond, you can look for stones within that range.

Loose Radiant Cut Diamond


Since radiant cut diamonds are brilliant cuts, flaws and inclusions aren’t as visible on them as they are on emerald cut diamonds or asscher cut diamonds. As such, those in the SI1 range are still considered very good even in 1-carat stones. However, for stones larger than 1.0 carat, a minimum clarity of VS2 is recommended.


Due to its fire and brilliance, a radiant cut diamond will look good in a solitaire setting but it can also look excellent with square cornered or rounded accent stones. While the setting entirely depends on preference, it is recommended that the diamond be set with a minimum of four prongs for safety.

While not nearly as popular as round brilliant cuts, radiant cut diamonds are just as stunning as they combine the elegant appeal of princess cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds with the shine and sparkle of round brilliants.

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